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Creative Forces

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"Revelry + Revelations" 24x36"Revelry + Revelations" 24x36
"Yellow Scarf"  24"x24""Yellow Scarf"  24"x24"
"Waiting for the Muse""Waiting for the Muse"
"Breathe Free""Breathe Free"
"Snake Charmer""Snake Charmer"
"Me, Myself and I" 24"x24""Me, Myself and I" 24"x24"
"Take Flight" 12"x24""Take Flight" 12"x24"
"Fractured" 18"x22""Fractured" 18"x22"
"Phantom Artist" 12"x24""Phantom Artist" 12"x24"
"Her Red Cape" 24"x24""Her Red Cape" 24"x24"