Art changes the world. As an artist, it’s my calling to be an agent of change, a storyteller of the human experience, and the vibrant vistas that surround it.

Navigating the terrain of chaos and composure is the essence of why I create art. As a multi-disciplinary artist, design and storytelling through oils has proven to be my primary form of expression. Artist Willem De Kooning once said, "Flesh is the reason oil paint was invented." Oil paints are a satisfying way to communicate the subtle expressions, light and movement of real life. They allow me to merge texture, shadows and color with rhythm, poetry and motion.

I look for the essence within the form – a musician mesmerized by the sound of her instrument, the light that engulfs a landscape only possible by the conditions of the day, and the inner struggles one bears with elegance and resilience. I find that I connect with the subject in a personal way. A way in which mood and personal vitality inform my work. It opens up a different kind of collaboration, a revelation and a new way of seeing beyond the classic form. I've drawn my inspiration from the many stories I've gathered from female artists, musicians, change makers and muses who have gotten out and lived their life their way. An inspiration of freedom that I try to express in my work. My challenge is staying true to what I'm witnessing and not becoming influenced by unconscious perceptions. If I speak the truth, a work of art is created – it lives.

Throughout my career, I sought to find the image of a feeling instead of a feature. To create a mood that connects the viewer to their surroundings and humanity, on a visceral level. Art's power is sometimes overlooked, but its subconscious influence is universally potent. One thing I can be sure of, is that the need to communicate through art lives deep within me. It's an ever-changing constant as I trek across the unknown terrain of chaos and composure.