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Exploring the Terrain of the Human Landscape

I've always been intrigued by people. I'm interested in observing how a person is in relation to the space and atmosphere they are surrounded by. My art explores face and figure as landscapes that convey emotion and mood. I am curious how identity and persona influence what we see or ignore. How a “sense of place," and the relationship between us and the environment affects us, and the impact we have on our surroundings. 

Mood informs my work above aesthetics. I try to see my subject in new ways in order to witness the in-between spaces. I believe it opens up a more authentic collaboration. Artist Willem De Kooning once said, "Flesh is the reason oil paint was invented." Its reflection of light creates the illusion of life on the canvas. It helps me see feelings, not features, reflected from flesh. The human face and figurative gesture is a universal language. Its interpretation can tell stories, transcend barriers and foster empathy across a whole spectrum of humanity. Art's emotional influence is felt on a visceral level. Its ability to communicate goes deep, that's why I believe art changes the world.

I draw my inspiration from people who carve their own path and live life. I try to express that inspired freedom, exploring the terrain of the human landscape. Whether it is contemplation or confrontation, my challenge is staying true to what I'm witnessing and not become influenced by unconscious perceptions. If I speak the truth, a work of art is created – it lives.