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"Through the Rain"

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A harmonious blend of muted grays and subdued blues convey the enigmatic atmosphere that veils the city in its watery embrace. Through the misty veil of raindrops, your gaze meets the world outside, where time seems to slow down. The city's silhouette emerges and dissolves, much like the ephemeral nature of emotions themselves. Just as the rain cleanses the streets, allow this piece to cleanse your soul — a serenade to the city's energy, seen through a rain-soaked lens.

Features: A gallery-quality canvas reproduction, hand-selected from previously sold work, framed in a black wood frame.

Art that Focuses on SustainabilityEach piece is printed on archival canvas. Inks are non-toxic, based on the air quality standards used for hospitals and schools. The canvas reproductions are stretched on wood from FSC certified renewable forests. Packaging uses 28% less cardboard than the industry standard, created with recycled materials, with a reduced use of tape, plastic, and other packaging materials for all shipments.

Care instructionsCanvas and inks are rated to last and sustain their original vibrance with proper care. If the canvas does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth.

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"Through the Rain"
"Through the Rain" Sale price$475.00