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"Swept Away" 18"x36"

Sale price$2,800.00

"Swept Away" captivates viewers by embodying a dynamic symphony of energy, resonating with the universal fascination for intangible forces that shape our lives. The dreamlike portrayal of water and emotions prompts introspection, offering a relatable mirror for personal experiences. Through its visual ballet of movement, the artwork invites contemplation on the fluid relationship between inner thoughts and external influences, providing a gateway for reflection on your own transformative journey.

Oil on Linen, 18"x36" Framed in black solid wood (add .5 inch to all sides, 1.5 inch deep). An original, one-of-a-kind work which includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

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"Swept Away" 18"x36"
"Swept Away" 18"x36" Sale price$2,800.00